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Amazon Clinic: what is this new service about | Digital Trends Spanish

Amazon launched its new service on November 15 Amazon Clinica platform to offer treatment for common health problems at your convenience, without the need for appointments, video calls or live chat.

The message-based online health care service that offers treatments for more than 20 “common health conditions” including allergies, dandruff, hair loss, birth control, erectile dysfunction, and acne.

Amazon Clinic requires customers to select the condition for which they require treatment and then choose a preferred provider from an available list of licensed telehealth providers. After completing an intake questionnaire, clients can connect with doctors for a consultation through a secure message-based portal. A personalized treatment plan will then be provided through the portal along with any necessary prescriptions, which can be filled at any pharmacy of the customer’s choice, including amazon-pharmacy.

Consultations include up to two weeks of ongoing follow-up messages between clients and physicians, and pricing will be available in advance. These prices are set by telemedicine providers, though Amazon states that “in many cases, the cost of care is equal to or less than the average copay.” Amazon Clinic does not currently accept insurance, but notes that the service is eligible for FSAs and HSAs, and customers can use their prescription drug insurance through Amazon Clinic.

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