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Amazon Echo: innovation on behalf of users | Digital Trends Spanish

The latest breakthrough in Amazon Echo devices is consolidated in the Echo Show 15, with a large display and dedicated smart features to become the “digital heart” of the home. But how has the evolution of this line of equipment or of Alexa herself, the virtual assistant within them, been?

In interview, Carlos perezCountry Manager for Alexa en Español in the United States, takes a tour of this series of gadgets and emphasizes the importance of the Hispanic market in the nation of stars and stripes.

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There are the Echo speakers and smart displays, but how do different generations of these devices understand Amazon?

With each new device, we put a lot of thought into how the size and shape will influence where it will be placed in the home and how customers will interact with it. The Echo Show 5, which we introduced with a camera shutter for peace of mind, and the Echo Spot were designed with the intention of being perfect at bedside, for example; people often use them to set alarms or listen to the news while getting ready in the morning. Those with larger screens, like the Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 10, are made for places like the kitchen or common areas, where they can be used to follow recipes, call loved ones, listen to music, or watch a show. on Prime Video.

Speaking of the Echo Show 10, it’s important for its rotating display, right?

Motion was introduced with our third generation Echo Show 10, completely redefining the experience. It was a huge task and we had to solve many difficult scientific problems, such as ensuring that the movement was as precise as possible through a fusion of computer vision and audio-based location technologies. We also knew that customers didn’t want to hear movement, so we added a brushless motor.

Now, we’ve embarked on one of our most ambitious redesigns yet with the Echo Show 15, introducing an entirely new form factor and revamped home screen experience so people can see more at a glance.

We’ve learned more and more about how customers interact with our devices and are always challenging ourselves to innovate on their behalf, whether it’s adding more screen sizes to the portfolio, introducing a camera shutter, or continually improving audio quality and recognition. voice.

What would be the point of union between the different Echo devices, between their different generations?

I would say that there are two key points: on the one hand, Alexa, whose integration is the fundamental piece to unite the experience between devices that seek to improve the daily lives of our customers through new features. On the other hand, consumers, on which our innovation and technology are based. Your suggestions are very important to us, from discussion groups to reading your reviews, to emails where you share ideas or ways to use the Echo Show devices.

With Echo Show 15, ambient intelligence is emphasized. What do they mean by this idea?

Daniel Matus/Digital Trends in Spanish

It is an environment in which each of the devices and platforms is like a thread in a fabric. In other words, they are capable of offering much more than any individual service or device could. The goal is that, through ambient intelligence, they can help when they are needed and take a backseat when not.

The devices that make up an ambient intelligence fabric have in common that they are personal and proactive: they learn more about the environment and user preferences; they are connected to other equipment or voice assistants, regardless of their shape, make or model, and are omnipresent: they are always ready to take action based on a request, glance, gesture…

What can be said about the activations in Spanish of Amazon Echo?

It’s a broad question, but what we can share is that 70 percent of US Hispanic customers have their devices in multilingual mode.

What are the advances that have been made in this language?

When we introduced Alexa in 2014, it could only do 13 things. Since then he has learned new languages ​​and has better natural processing. It was more than two years ago that we launched Echo and Alexa in Spanish.

Our vision is for Alexa to be where our customers are and on all the devices they want. There are many elements and challenges related to expanding its features in other languages, however, what is a fact is that it is getting smarter and our team is working hard to bring even more features to Hispanics in the United States. Joined.

What characteristics does the Amazon team that works on Alexa in Spanish have?

The US Spanish Alexa team works as part of the global Alexa product group, and works hard to create a truly authentic experience for our Spanish-speaking customers here.

What can people expect from the Amazon Echo in the future?

Echo Show 10

I can’t really say much about our future plans, but what I do want to say is that you can expect innovation, intelligence and a brilliant experience in each of our products and services. Also, because you engage with us, Amazon will always work to create innovation according to your needs.

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