Friday, May 20

Amazon employees will be able to vote again to create a union

It should be remembered that during March 2021, the workers of the aforementioned warehouse held elections to decide whether to give rise to the creation of the union. The vote ended with a massive rejection but the employees denounced “interference and interference” by the company, as well as “intimidation” so that they would vote against.

The labor regulation authority accepted this complaint and will give a second chance to the workers of the warehouse located in the south of the country.

the tycoon company Jeff Bezos It is the second largest employer in the United States, behind the Walmart supermarket chain. During the pandemic, the number of employees grew due to the increase in demand in the e-commerce sector.

However, it is also known for strenuous workloads and due to work pressure, which generated complaints due to a high rate of injuries in its employees and criticism for the refusal to pay compensation and paid medical leave.

Recently, 6 workers died in Edwardsville, Illinois, due to the company’s refusal to close a warehouse during the wave of tornadoes and hurricanes that hit the US. The warehouse collapsed as a result of the storm and the employees lost their lives.

Part of the mobilization of the employees to create a union is generated due to the difficult working conditions. Proof of this were also the complaints from company drivers for having to urinate in plastic bottles to comply with the established schedules.

The truth is that once again the employees of the Alabama warehouse will have the opportunity to decide whether or not they want to create a union. The date will be February 4.