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Amazon ends a questionable digital marketing campaign | Digital Trends Spanish

According to an article in Financial TimesAmazon suspended a controversial digital marketing campaign that sought to improve its positioning on different platforms.

Through this strategy, the company paid its workers to share positive posts on social media.

The objective was to improve the image of the company before potential new employees, just at a time when the technology company was facing various problems in obtaining labor.

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This logistics center ambassador strategy was born in 2018 as a way to defend Amazon from complaints related to safety and working conditions in its storage centers.

According to the article, the tech company quietly suspended this controversial influencer campaign and deleted all evidence of its existence on social media, even deleting the posts.

The critics

When this campaign became known in 2018, it was discovered that there were 15 accounts on Twitter with the company logo as a background in the profile photo.

At the time, a company spokesperson explained to Business Insider that these were workers who were “employees who have had experience in the company’s logistics centers.”

In addition, these were people who “had worked on them long enough to honestly share the facts based on their personal experience.”

One of these posts found on Twitter read: “I am proud to work for Amazon, they took great care of me. Much better than some of my previous employers.”

The problem is that several press articles have pointed to the precarious working conditions that Amazon employees must endure in some of its logistics centers.

Some of those affected indicated that they were forced by their employers to urinate in bottles and eat in their vans so as not to waste time.

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