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Amazon event 2021: the devices that caught our attention | Digital Trends Spanish

Amazon had its traditional annual presentation, in which it unveiled its new products and services, and the vision of how it envisions the future of consumer technology. These were the devices that attracted the most attention at its 2021 event.

Amazon Smart Thermostat

At this point, it was curious that there was no smart thermostat on the part of the e-commerce giant. With its Smart Thermostat, which is Energy Star certified, it seeks that people have an intuitive experience when it comes to controlling the temperature of their home, which is why it works with Alexa and is compatible with most of the existing 24V systems HVAC.

The device, listed at $ 60, was made in collaboration with experts at Resideo, the authors of the Honeywell Home thermostats. One of the interesting features of the Amazon Smart Thermostat is that, when it detects that no one is home or when people have gone to bed at night, it adjusts the temperature to help save energy at home.

Echo Show 15

Echo Show 5

More now with the smart whiteboard function, the Echo Show 15 incorporates a 15.6-inch screen with Full HD resolution and can be placed on the wall or a surface. The idea is for family members to stay organized, connected, and entertained. Thus, the Echo Show 15 incorporates the new Amazon home processor, AZ2 Neural Edge, and all the capabilities that Alexa provides. It was listed at $ 250 (mounting hardware sold separately).

Amazon glow

Amazon glow

The firm opens a new product category in which it combines a device capable of making video calls and, at the same time, interacting with the image it projects on a surface. In this sense, it is aimed at the smallest of the house, to carry out different activities on a 19-inch interactive projected screen, while adults would communicate via video call through a display 8 inch physique. By acquiring the device, you would have a free year of Amazon Kids +, the platform with access to thousands of books, games and art activities. Another of its attractions is that it has the characteristic of scanning physical objects, such as toys, and transforming them into a digital puzzle.

Amazon Glow is available as part of the early access signing program, for which an invitation is required. Its price is $ 250 dollars.

Amazon Halo View

Amazon Halo View

In addition to a service with fitness classes, Halo Fitness, and an experience to help develop healthy eating habits, Halo Nutrition, Amazon presents its new monitor with AMOLED screen, called Halo View, which will be ready for the holiday season of the end of year.

In addition to his display In color, the smart bracelet displays the physical activity record, sleep scores, blood oxygen levels and real-time training monitoring, among other functions. According to the company, it is a comfortable, lightweight and waterproof device, with up to seven days of autonomy (it charges to 100 percent in less than 90 minutes). Available in black, green and lavender, it is priced at $ 80 (includes a year of new Amazon wellness services).

Ring Always Home

Ring Always Home

After a look last year, Amazon offered more details of its indoor camera that has the ability to pan around like a drone. The main advantage of this device is that it can go to any of the rooms in the home, previously “mapped” by its owner, and deliver video in real time through the cell phone. In this sense, it becomes interesting to take a “look” at the kitchen or bedroom, in addition to connecting with the home alarm, which is especially useful to prevent theft. It is possible to request the Ring Always Home through an invitation; will arrive later this year. Its price is $ 250 dollars.


While there were already rumors that Amazon would introduce a robot, the form it took was not without attention. “It is a new type of home robot to help clients with a variety of complex tasks, from monitoring the home to keeping in touch with the family,” the firm refers.

The device brings together advances in robotics, sensors, computer vision and machine learning, mainly. Among what was seen in the presentation, it integrates a screen and an optical system that allows you to carry out video calls and monitoring tasks at home.

Shaped like a mascot, the team integrates wheels for the purpose of moving around and has a promotional price of $ 1,000. It will be available in limited units in the United States before the end of the year.

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