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Amazon has plans for a Mass Effect series | Digital Trends Spanish

Mass Effect, BioWare studio’s space opera-type video game series could become an Amazon television series, according to some reports.

According to Deadline, Amazon Studios is negotiating an agreement with BioWare and Electronic Arts, the creators and owners of the franchise, respectively. Amazon’s goal is to expand their portfolio, especially in the science fiction productions segment, where they have been very successful with Wheels of Time.

AND Mass effect seems an excellent candidate to move from video games to the small screen (or in this case, the screen of the streaming). The video game series premiered in 2007 and was a kind of spiritual successor to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, title developed by BioWare in 2003.

Of course, BioWare could not have the license for Star wars however they wanted, therefore they created a franchise based on similar topics. Mass effect narrated the adventures of Commander Shepard, who over three games moved around the Milky Way in order to protect humanity and other alien races from an attack that endangers their existence.

After the first three games, Mass effect had another delivery called Mass Effect Andromeda, based on the same universe but that narrated separate events from the main trilogy. Andromeda did not have a good reception and the main trilogy remains the most remembered by fans of Mass Effect.

For now, Amazon Studios’ plans seem very premature (and in fact, they are not even closed), but there is no doubt that Mass effect it could work without problems as a separate product from games, since the universe created for games is much larger than what is told in them.

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