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Amazon Music GEN MEX: everything you need to know | Digital Trends Spanish

Amazon Music just launched its new brand GEN MEX, a new generation of Mexican Music, which aims to break down barriers and challenge prejudices by celebrating the evolution of culture and genre style. GEN MEX will launch with a new video by Christian Nodal that introduces fans to the new house of Mexican Music.

Christian Nodal at the launch of Gen Mex JC Olivera/Getty Images for Amazon Music

Starting yesterday and for the next five weeks, there will be new releases every Thursday giving the public the opportunity to enjoy exclusive content from artists such as Christian Nodal and Grupo Firme, and the next generation of talent Yahritza and Su Esencia. The new releases will include playlists, products, editorial videos and Amazon Originals from different genres such as mariachi, banda and lying corridos, among others. The listing can be found on Amazon Music.

“GEN MEX is the celebration of one of the fastest growing music categories within Latin music in recent years that continues to transcend borders in Latin America, the US and beyond,” said Rocío Guerrero, Global Director of Latin Music on Amazon Music. “To look forward, we must honor the legends that have passed on their traditions. GEN MEX will honor those roots, while helping to redefine its future, connecting fans across borders and generations, and elevating the voices of those who drive culture forward.”

GEN MEX: your generation of Mexican Music

To present GEN MEX, an editorial video will be released starring Christian Nodal, who narrates the essence of what GEN MEX is.

The artist born in Caborca, Sonora, belongs to a family of musicians, and is known for revolutionizing Mexican music in recent years with his distinctive mariacheño touch. Christian Nodal also wrote a new, never-before-heard Amazon Original, exclusively for Amazon Music fans, titled How are you. The new Amazon Original will be available in the newly released playlist GEN MEX.

A new Amazon Original EP by Grupo Firme will be released on May 26. Exclusive new EP features four previously unreleased audio and video versions of four of their biggest hits, including the newly released Amazon Original You know Tequila.

Roots: honoring our legends

On June 2, GEN MEX will honor Mexican music legends by highlighting the “RAÍCES” playlist series. The playlists will show a collection of hits from important icons of Mexican music, such as the late Vicente Fernández, Jenni Rivera and Marco Antonio Solís.

Raising the voices of those who promote culture

On June 9, GEN MEX will raise the voices of those who promote culture and will launch Amazon Originals by Itzel Vida, a cover of Snows of january by Chalino Sánchez, Janely Rosa’s version of The Chacalosa by Jenni Rivera, Michelle BI’s cover of amorphous by Bad Bunny and the cover of Lluvia Arámbula by The King of Hearts by Ariel Camacho. All Amazon Originals will be featured on the new playlist The amazon.

BREAK: the future of Gen Mex

Yahritza y Su Esencia has been named as ROMPE’s next Mexican music artist. It is an artist-in-development program that was created to support emerging artists at the most crucial time in their careers by propelling them into the mainstream. The program encompasses playlists, livestreams, financing, marketing and social campaigns, events, editorial content and more. The group will launch a live Amazon Music Session, featuring their Obsessed EP. The exclusive live performance EP will include 5 tracks: Tonight, Loved, Being sincere, Let it go Y I’m the only one.

The GEN MEX release will also include many new playlists, including the arena, The amazon, Chilo Corridos, THE DRIPand mood themes and moments like f**ng sad, ALV, ghostedY pisteando.

To know more about GEN MEX, fans can follow on Instagram to @SomosGenMex. All new GEN MEX content will be available on Amazon Music desktop and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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