Friday, August 12

Amazon Prime Kidnapping Story Trailer Released | Digital Trends Spanish

This coming August 12, the Latin American production of Amazon Prime Video«Story of a kidnapping«, based on the novel by the famous Colombian writer and journalist, Gabriel García Márquez.

In this drama we will learn part of Diana Turbay’s experience (majida issa), Maruja Pachon (Cristina Umana), Marina Montoya, (carmenza gomez) and Beatriz Villamizar (Juliet Restrepo); and the sacrifices their loved ones had to go through to free them when they were kidnapped. We will also learn the life stories of Alberto Villamizar (John Paul Raba) and Nydia Quintero (Constance Duke).

The story tells the story of the journalist and lawyer, daughter of former President Julio César Turbay Ayala, Diana Turbay, abducted on August 30, 1990, already Maruja Pachon, along with her sister-in-law, kidnapped a few months later, during the same year. And who is behind everything is the controversial Paul Broomr, with the help of his group of men called “The extraditables”. That, in order to intimidate the then president César Gaviria, so that he would annul the extradition treaty.

The series was directed by Andrew Wood (Violeta went to heaven, Machuca) who is also part of the executive production team, accompanied by Mary Ellen Wood, Matias Cardone, Macarena Cardone, Patricio Pereira (Invercine & Wood), Lourdes Diaz, Stuart Ford, Cristina Garza (AGC Studios), and the son of García Márquez himself, the renowned screenwriter and director Rodrigo Garcia (The Affair, Six Feet Under).

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