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Amazon Prime Video is renewed in image and is more like Netflix | Digital Trends Spanish

A big redesign is doing Amazon Prime Video on its home page, aligning its movies and series much better and with an aesthetic that brings them much closer to the user experience of Netflix.

The streaming service wants to move away from small tiles towards what the company calls a “super carousel” meant to be more “cinematic.”

The new design emphasizes the Prime originals, with trailers embedded in the enlarged screen, as well as sports and free-to-play titles.

In a blog post, the company admitted that its goal was to make the experience of watching Prime Video “less busy and overwhelming.”

Another important addition is a top 10 ranking. Netflix integrated an on-screen top 10 in 2020, taking advantage of that to offer self-reported numbers and weekly top 10 rankings in 90 countries.

“We’re redesigning the Prime Video experience to highlight our wide selection of content and to make it easier for customers to find the content they love,” the blog post said.

A main navigation menu along the left side of the screen (in living room apps) is another important innovation. The app will launch with six main pages: Home, Store, Search, Live TV, Free with Ads, and My Stuff. Customers will also have sub-browse options to more easily navigate by content or offer type.

The revamp is starting in the Prime Video app on connected living room devices, including Fire TV, as well as the Android app. It will be available on these devices to all Prime Video customers around the world this summer, with iOS and the web to follow.

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