Tuesday, July 5

Amazon Prime will produce documentary about Arsenal | Digital Trends Spanish

The Amazon Prime documentary series about sports teams, All or Nothing, could again focus on an England team. According DeadlineOnly details are missing for a new edition to be closed, now dedicated to Arsenal.

Although the agreement is not yet fully closed, the club assures that this documentary would be a great opportunity for people to know what it is that makes Arsenal such a special club. And for this, the filmmakers will go into the dressing rooms of the stadium and the training place to follow the athletes day by day and present a narrative.

All or Nothing He already has several versions to his credit and this could be the third dedicated to a Premier League club; the first was on Manchester City and the most recent, focused on one of Arsenal’s main rivals: Tottenham Hotspurs.

(Stuart MacFarlane / Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

However, documentaries have also been made about teams from other countries and other sports; including NFL or college football teams. In addition, the premiere of the productions dedicated to Juventus of Italy and Bayern Munich of Germany is expected.

A documentary about a team like Arsenal is interesting, given the uneven presence of one of England’s biggest teams. Arsenal belongs to the so-called Big six of the most important teams and has fans all over the world; At the same time, they have not won a league title for almost two decades, and in recent years they have ended up too far from the outposts.

Perhaps it is not a bad idea to know what happens in the dressing rooms and offices of the Emirates Stadium, in North London.

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