Saturday, September 25

Amazon targets Clubhouse and bets on live audio | Digital Trends Spanish

Many platforms have imitated the successful Clubhouse and launched their own audio chat services.

Thus, while Twitter has Spaces, Spotify has Greenroom and Facebook could also join this trend. Of course, it would not be the only one.

In accordance with Axios, Amazon also wants to bet on live audio with a service that offers concerts and live musical events, without ruling out the possibility of thinking of an alternative to Clubhouse.

According to the article, this would make sense if you consider that, for some time, the company has had Amazon Music, which improved its service with HD and Ultra HD quality support. In addition, lately the company has intensified its commitment to podcasts.

Another important aspect is that Amazon recently renewed its range of smart speakers. For this reason, it does not seem exaggerated when, in the Axios report, it is pointed out that Amazon could be developing a real live audio business.

According to the article, the company could be working on a live audio platform, which would not only be focused on talks between celebrities where anyone can join, but also on live events and concerts that could be accessed through this service. .

“The idea is that users can access concerts or live performances through their Amazon Music accounts. The company is in contact with the main record labels to organize live audio events with artists ”, explains the note.

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