Sunday, December 5

Amazon will keep the secrets of British espionage

The GCHQ spy agency of The UK defended the acquisition of a highly secure cloud system that will be used by sister services MI5 and MI6, as well as other government departments such as the Ministry of Defense during joint operations.added the report.

The deal was signed this year with AWS, the cloud services unit of Inc., and data from all agencies will remain in the UK, the newspaper reported, citing people familiar with the discussions.

GCHQ said it will not comment on reports about its relationships with technology providers. AWS declined to comment on the information as well.

In February, British cyber spies at the GCHQ wiretapping agency said they had fully embraced AI to uncover patterns in vast amounts of global data to counter hostile disinformation and catch child abusers.

GCHQ has been using basic forms of AI, such as translation technology, for years, but is now intensifying its use, partly in response to the use of AI by hostile states and partly due to the explosion of data that makes it effective.

Earlier on Monday, GCHQ director Jeremy Fleming told a conference that the number of ‘ransomware’ attacks had doubled in the UK in 2021, compared to last year, according to the FT.