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Amazon will open its first clothing store in Los Angeles | Digital Trends Spanish

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Amazon does not want to be just the king of e-commerce and begins to lay bricks in the physical world.

After taking the first steps with its grocery stores, Jeff Bezos’ company will open its first physical clothing store this year. It will do so in Los Angeles under the name of The Americana at Brand.

As explained by Amazon in a blog post, your store will offer hundreds of brands chosen by fashion creators and among the favorites of customers of Amazon Style, the fashion division of the online retail giant.

In the new store, customers will be able to scan the QR code found on a garment label with the Amazon Shopping app. This will show you information about available sizes and colors, as well as customer ratings.

From the app it will also be possible to request that a garment in a specific size be sent to the fitting room or directly to the collection counter in the event that we do not need to try it on. It will be possible to open the door of the fitting room using the Amazon application and in it we will find the items that we have chosen inside.

Each of the changing rooms will have a touch screen located from which, in addition to being able to order other garments or more sizes, it will recommend items based on your preferences.

At the moment Amazon has not confirmed the exact date for the opening of its new physical store, but it is expected to be later this year.

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