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Amazon’s New World is killing video cards again | Digital Trends Spanish

The successful launch of New World, Amazon’s MMO, is bringing collateral damage to some users who have reported that their video cards are (again) failing due to gaming.

It is not the first time that something like this has happened. During the last beta of New World July, there were already problems with NVIDIA RTX 3090 cards, specifically from the EVGA brand. And now it has happened again, according to the data reported by PC Gamer, with the final version of the game.

The most serious problem is that it seems to be not now a specific model, but different models and different brands (although always based on NVIDIA chips); There are also failures with Gigabyte RTX 3080 Ti cards and some 3070 laptop models.

Likewise, other players have reported graphical errors that occur with other video cards and that do not appear to be rendering cards completely useless, but still causing problems.

Perhaps the most curious thing about it is that New World It is not a very demanding game in terms of requirements, especially in relation to the video card: the minimum is a GTX 970, a card dating from 2014.

However, this is not the fault of the game, or at least not in the case of the RTX 3090 from EVGA. At the beginning of September, the company explained that the cause was a defective weld on a very small batch of units, which represented less than 1 percent of the total, and which were replaced by the brand at no cost to their owners.

The latter is important because today, acquiring new video cards is far from being an easy or cheap task. The stock GPUs is very limited due to the global shortage of chips and that led to the increase in the price of used cards, which during 2021 has skyrocketed.

For now, the recommendation for those who play New World is that they update the drivers of their video cards and that they activate the option to limit the rate of frames per second; this will avoid unnecessarily overloading the GPU.

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