Saturday, November 27

Amazon’s real Black Friday has nothing to do with sales: its workers will organize protests in 20 countries during Black Friday

The event of the year can choke Amazon. With Black Friday just around the corner, the ‘Make Amazon Pay’ platform has announced protests and strikes by workers of the e-commerce giant in at least 20 countries around the world for this Friday, according to they report on their website and has been able to confirm Engadget. Organizers claim Andy Jassy’s salary improvements for employees, respect your right to join unions, pay your taxes fairly and make a real commitment to protect the environment.

The protests seek compromise Amazon’s logistics apparatus on one of its key dates and make visible the dissatisfaction of employees and activists with some of the business practices of North Americans with demonstrations in several of the main cities of the world, such as Brussels, New York, London, Barcelona or Buenos Aires. The organizers have not responded to Xataka’s questions about what they expect to be the scope of this call.

According to the information shared by ‘Make Amazon Pay’ on its website, Amazon workers will go on strike at some of the company’s headquarters and logistics centers in France and Italy, but in the rest of the countries, including Spain, only protests and demonstrations will be held. The one that will take place in Barcelona next Friday will demand that the American company apply measures of true depth to protect the environment.

The organizers have also explained that employees of several of Amazon’s businesses will participate in the protests and strikes, from warehouses to data centers to factories and offices.

Amazon believes the protest is pointless

From Amazon they point out to Xataka that the protests and claims of this platform do not correspond to the reality of the company “neither in Spain nor in the rest of the world”, and consider that they are driven by “groups with their own interests” that use the company founded by Jeff Bezos to “promote their particular causes”.

Amazon isn’t perfect, but it has a strong track record of supporting employees, customers, and the communities in which it operates., which includes offering safe working conditions, competitive wages, and a comprehensive benefits package. It also includes measures against climate change and the payment of billions of euros in taxes around the world ”, they point out from the e-commerce giant.

Some statements that several of the organizations that are part of ‘Make Amazon Pay’, such as the international union UNI Global Union or the NGO Greenpeace, contradict. “This company is an example of mass consumerism and the social and environmental consequences that it generates. We want Amazon to pay better salaries, pay the taxes that correspond to it and pay for its impact on the planet ”, they point out from the environmental organization to Xataka.

This is not the first time that Amazon has faced protests of this nature.. Especially in the United States, the e-commerce giant has had to cope several attempts by its workers to unionize and to various protests and accusations about the pressure it exerts on its employees to make them more productive.

Nevertheless, Yes, it is the first time that they manage to bring together so many participants, at least a priori, since up to 70 organizations from all over the world have joined the call, and in which there are so many protests around the globe. What remains to be seen is the follow-up that the demonstrations and strikes will have next Friday, and if they really manage to hinder the logistics of the e-commerce giant on one of its big days of the year.

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