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AMD, Google and MSI get off CES 2022 because of omicron | Digital Trends Spanish

The list of companies that get off CES 2022 continues to increase and now it is the turn of two giants such as AMD and Google, who have announced that they will not be present in person at the Las Vegas fair due to the resurgence of COVID-cases. 19 in the United States.

In a statement delivered to Tom’s Hardware, AMD officially announced the measure. “After careful evaluation, AMD has decided to cancel the face-to-face events at CES 2022,” the company said, further explaining that while the AMD 2022 Product Premiere event was always planned virtually, the same will now be done with other presentations. which was originally going to be done in person and on the spot.

Meanwhile, another hardware company like MSI has also canceled its face-to-face plans for the show. “The health of our employees, customers and fans is our top priority,” wrote the brand. on its official site, “And that is why we have decided not to be physically present at the fair.” Like the rest of the companies that have left, the presentations will also be virtual: the Gameverse event will take place on January 4, 2022.

Taylor Frint / Digital Trends

Google is another of the big names that will skip CES 2022 in person. In a note delivered to The Verge, the company says that after having analyzed the situation in the United States with the pandemic, they think that it is best to subtract themselves to avoid any related problems.

The company does not speak specifically about virtual events like other companies, but they do say that they will continue to collaborate with the organization and its partners in different digital instances.

This new round of CES 2022 drops once again calls into question the realization of a fair that until a month ago was ready to return to the presence, after a completely virtual 2021. However, those plans will have to wait until 2023: everything indicates that companies are taking what is happening with omicron very seriously.

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