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AMD presents its new video cards for supercomputers | Digital Trends Spanish

In addition to Ryzen processors for more traditional users, AMD has a product line focused on a segment that requires much more computing power. Among those products is the new Instinct MI200, video cards designed for servers and supercomputers.

The Instinct MI200 is based on CDNA 2, the second version of AMD’s architecture for these products. As context, it is necessary to mention that AMD has two architectures: RDNA, which is used in video cards for general consumers, and CDNA, of the MI200 cards.

AMD says this card is the first for exa-scale supercomputers like the Frontier, designed and built in conjunction with the US Department of Energy, and has a computing power of 1.5 exaflops.

Three will be the cards within the Instinct MI200 line: MI250X, MI250 and MI210. The first will be the most powerful, with 2 x 110 core units, a maximum of 47.9 teraflops of compute, 128 GB of memory at a transfer rate of 3.2 Gbps and a data bus of 8192 bits.

Instead, the MI250 will be a bit inferior in terms of power, as it will only have 2 x 104 core units. The rest of the specifications are very similar, but that difference between central units makes it reach a maximum of 45.3 teraflops of computing power.

In addition to these two cards, there will be a third model called MI210, of which AMD has not given specifications, but which due to its name would have to be less powerful compared to the two.

According to AMD, this line of cards is far superior to the previous generation (Instinct MI100) and to Nvidia’s A100s, which, as in the world of general consumer GPUs, are also competition in the segment of servers and supercomputers.

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