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America’s Most Tech Cities | Digital Trends Spanish

The United States and China remain the world’s leading technological powers. For the same reason, it is not surprising that some of the cities where technology is developing the fastest are in these territories.

In the case of the North American nation, several cities have stood out in recent times for their important progress in this field. These are some of the main ones:

Mountain view

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It is one of the largest cities within Silicon Valley and houses the offices of some of the most important technology companies in the world, such as Adobe, Alphabet, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Nokia and the Mozilla Foundation.

The funny thing about all this is that Mountain View does not appear to be an important technological center, on the contrary, it seems a small town where less than 100,000 people live.


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It is the home of the computer manufacturer Dell. For several years, Austin has been considered a major center for technology innovation.

The low cost of doing business in Texas has motivated many companies to set up branches in this city, including eBay, Intel, Oracle, Google, and Cisco Systems.

According to specialists, Austin’s success in this area happens because it has become very successful in attracting human talent, so everything indicates that it should continue to grow in this area.

San Francisco

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This city is considered a kind of extension of Silicon Valley so it has also experienced a strong economic boost.

In accordance with a BBC article, is one of the most important tech cities in the United States, especially since in recent years it has become an interesting “alternative for rich talent.”

Large companies in the sector have made this city their home, which also transcends the field of entertainment, since San Francisco is where the Lucas Film Limited headquarters are located.

Other platforms like Craigslist, Reddit, Yelp, and Twitter were born in San Francisco.

New York

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Here is the second largest Google office, and in the last year it has also become the cradle of important companies related to innovation.

In the nineties, New York was known as the seat of the beginnings of web creation and it remained that way until 2001, when the city suffered a significant decline in the technological field.

Today, New York is considered the smartest city in the world, and this is due to the efficient management of resources, commitment to the environment and technological optimization.


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In this city are some of the most relevant schools and universities in the innovation sector. In recent years it has also been the birthplace of the Boston Dynamics company, famous for its advanced robots.

He has also had a significant boost in medicine with Boston Scientific, considered one of the largest healthcare technology companies on the planet.

In recent years, local authorities have voiced their desire to make Boston a major smart city. The first step started in 2014, with the use by local residents of applications and platforms that made it possible to inform the authorities of some of the main problems affecting the city.


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It is estimated that in this state there are more than thirteen thousand companies linked to the field of information technology.

The country’s capital is also considered the headquarters of the most crucial national defense computer systems in the country.

Also, many relevant phone companies such as AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon have headquarters in Washington.

In the last decade, employment in Washington’s tech sector is estimated to have grown nearly 34 percent.

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