Thursday, March 30

AMLO asks to clarify the concept of ‘propaganda’ before an electoral ban due to a revocation consultation

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador asked the judicial authorities to review the concept of “propaganda”to clarify to the government what it can report during the electoral ban for the referendum on the revocation of the mandate.

The ban already begins We are not going to transmit the usual videos, in any case we want the judicial authorities to clarify what we can and cannot report because there is the general concept of propaganda and well, everything that has to do with the government in one way or another, everything it does can be considered propaganda”, he said this Monday at the press conference from the National Palace.

He asked the corresponding instances to limit the idea of ​​propaganda to the messages with the intention of supporting a certain position or party so that the contents of the “mornings” such as the videos of updates on government works, can continue to be transmitted.

“We have many things that are being done, I feel that I should limit propaganda to participation in favor of a position, of a party, something that benefits the party in government or that the government promotes a party but since it is very general, we decided not to broadcast the progress of the works”.

The electoral ban for the mandate revocation consultation covers the period from the start of the call, on February 4, until the day of the consultative day, on April 10.

The restrictions established in the Federal Law for the Revocation of Mandate indicate that “no natural or legal person, either on their own behalf or on behalf of third parties, may contract advertising on radio, television and the media aimed at influencing the opinion of the citizens” about the query.

Meanwhile, López Obrador decided to continue broadcasting the section “Who’s who in prices” directed by Ricardo Sheffield because in the eyes of the government, this does not influence the decision that those who participate in the next elections may make.

“We are going to wait for what they tell us, but we do consider that it has nothing to do with what is made known,” he said.