Saturday, February 24

AMLO condolences to the family of Alberto Baillères: “We did not always agree, but we always respect each other”

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent the condolences to the family of the recently deceased Alberto Baillères, one of the four wealthiest businessmen in the country.

“I want to express my deepest condolences for the death of Alberto Baillères González, a Mexican businessman, last night we communicated with his relatives, with his son Alejandro, we send all of them our hug, to María Teresa Gual, his wife, to all his relatives”, he expressed this Friday.

López Obrador acknowledged having maintained a healthy relationship with the “king of silver” despite the differences regarding the conduct of Mexico.

“We talked about the situation in the country, we did not always agree but throughout the time we maintained a relationship of respect, in recent times our communication was closer,” he said.

The life president and honorary director of Grupo Bal, a business conglomerate that ranges from stores such as iron palace to mines Penoles Industries, passed away at the age of 90 this Wednesday, February 2, in Mexico City.

“The companies that make up Grupo BAL report with deep sadness the irreparable loss of Don Alberto Bailleres, honorary chairman of the boards of directors of these companies and advisory chairman of Grupo BAL, who passed away last night, on February 2 in Mexico City,” the company revealed in a statement one day after his death.

Alejandro Baillères will replace his father, says AMLO

López Obrador confessed this Thursday that Baillères had contemplated his son Alejandro to take charge of his legacy.

“We trusted each other to the degree that he decided to inform me before other people of his decision to start handing over his companies, the businesses of his corporate, to his son Alejandro, he informed me that he was going to start carrying out that delivery in the boards of directors of the companies and that he, Alejandro and his wife wanted us to talk,” he said.

Alejandro is one of the six descendants of the tycoon: Alberto, Juan Pablo, Raúl, Xavier and Teresa.

The head of the Executive expressed his confidence that Alejandro manages his father’s companies, which, being national capital, considers them as a factor in promoting the country’s economic development.

“I am sure that Alejandro will continue to manage the companies responsibly and efficiently, they will continue to invest in Mexico in all their businesses, in mining, commerce, in all their companies,” he said.