Friday, February 3

AMLO criticizes Lorenzo Córdova’s attendance at the PAN plenary: “It should be impartial”

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador criticized the presence of Lorenzo Cordova, president counselor of the National Electoral Institute (OTHER) at the plenary meeting of the Parliamentary Group of the National Action Party (PAN), held this January 27 in the Chamber of Deputies.

During the morning press conference, the president accused Lorenzo Córdova of being impartial and not taking care of the forms, by attending the PAN event, in which the counselor accused the AMLO government of trying to introduce government controls and try to limit the institutional autonomy of the electoral authorities.

“Imagine, the president of the INE leading the PAN congress, of a party, when he should be an impartial authority and take care of the forms. But no, they don’t realize or they don’t care,” he complained.

Likewise, López Obrador said that he shares the opinion of the writer Pedro Miguel, who shared on his Twitter account a photograph of Lorenzo Córdova during his participation in the plenary session of PAN deputies, which, he said, he loved. “It will be because I don’t like simulations,” he wrote.

“Even when we may not agree with that, you have to see the positive side. The positive thing is that the simulation is ending, which was the central element of the anti-democratic policy. That’s good, there is no longer that hypocrisy, double talk, or it doesn’t work anymore“, He said.

Finally, he attacked the leaders “of other parties”, who are, according to the president, corrupt cynics or corrupt hypocrites.

“The worst thing is to take baths of purity, to think of yourself as good people, to feel superior. As usual they are racist, classist; So all this that we are experiencing are stellar moments in our country. We have lived through interesting times. It is important that we can respect the right to dissent and position ourselves. Let us not feel sorry, let us not be ashamed. So we think, we are free. What was very bad was the simulation,” he said.