Tuesday, June 6

AMLO regrets the murder of journalist Lourdes Maldonado in Tijuana

Andrés Manuel López Obrador lamented the death of the journalist Lourdes Maldonado Lopez, assassinated on Sunday night in Tijuana, despite having state protection and asking the president for help in 2019 to file a lawsuit against the company Primer Sistema de Noticias (PSN), owned by Jaime Bonilla, former governor of Baja California.

During the press conference this Monday, the president sent his condolences to the relatives of the communicator and assured that there will be no impunity and that those responsible, both material and intellectual, will be punished.

“It is unfortunate what happened to the partner, our condolences to family members. It hurts much, of course we will carry out the investigation. She was at the beginning of 2019 and made a complaint about a labor issue with the radio company linked to Bonilla. It was not a matter of threats and he was helped and guaranteed that his request was met, he had even won his request, he spoke here and he was helped. Unfortunately, they kill her,” said AMLO.

López Obrador affirmed that his commitment is that “there is no impunity and those responsible are found”. He added that it will be investigated if the motive for the murder has any connection with the complaint he had filed and said that It is not possible to automatically link a labor-type lawsuit to a crime. “It is not responsible to advance some judgment, we must wait and not stop considering the political. The investigation is ongoing.”

Likewise, he asked not to forget that the violence that is being experienced is part of a process of progressive degradation that began to manifest itself 20 or 30 years ago, “almost at the same time as the application of the so-called neoliberal economic policy, when it began to become more evident and monstrous economic and social inequality,” he said.

Violence against journalists

Lourdes Maldonado López became the second journalist in Tijuana, and the third in the country, to be murdered during the first days of 2022.

Last January 17, Margarito Martinez Esquivel, a police note photojournalist in Tijuana was shot to death as he left his home.

Martínez Esquivel was a beneficiary of the protection mechanism for journalists in Baja California and his incorporation into the same scheme of the Federal Ministry of the Interior was being analyzed.

In the same way, to Lourdes Maldonado Lopez She was shot to death inside a vehicle, the Baja California state prosecutor’s office confirmed at almost midnight.

In 2019, Maldonado attended the morning press conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and asked for help and labor justice “because I even fear for my life”.

Maldonado had been immersed in a labor dispute against Jaime Bonilla for years. The reporter had recently announced that she had won a dispute with a media company owned by the former governor of Baja California, after nine years of litigation.

Likewise, during the first days of January, the death of the Mexican communicator was confirmed. Jose Luis Gamboa, who died after being attacked with a knife during an alleged assault in Veracruz.

Gamboa was director of the digital newspaper Inforegio, He passed away on January 10 but was not identified until four days later.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said then that “Gamboa had denounced and strongly criticized local authorities for their relationship with organized crime.” and asked that his journalistic work not be ruled out as an alleged motive for the crime.