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AMLO wants the United States to pardon Assange and offers asylum | Digital Trends Spanish

The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO)commented that he hopes to speak with his peer from the United States, Joe Bidento ask for a reconsideration of the legal situation of the Australian activist and journalist Julian Assange.

“He is the best journalist of our time in the world and he has been treated very unfairly, worse than criminal, this is a shame for the world, the treatment that this journalist has been given. I am going to ask President Biden to address this issue. He goes against tough groups,” he pointed out.

López Obrador commented that “many do not know that what (Assange) did was with an unorthodox investigation, he collected the cables, the reports from the United States embassies, where there was talk of acts of interventionism and crimes committed of flagrant violations of human rights. humans, not only texts but images”.

A group of demonstrators protest against the extradition of Julian Assange to the United States.
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AMLO also added about that, “I hoped that justice in the United Kingdom would protect him, however, it was very disappointing that they were sending him to the United States, condemning him to live for life or being prosecuted for life in jail.” and then and freedoms».

The Mexican president also assured that Assange is a political prisoner:

“He is a prisoner of conscience, his crime is unfairly treated in quotes, it was denouncing serious violations of human rights in the world and also interference by the United States government in the internal affairs of other countries. That was what Assange did,” he stressed.

Finally, AMLO assured that he would be willing to give him asylum in his country.

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