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Amouranth reveals how much she earns on Twitch by going out in a bikini in a jacuzzi | Digital Trends Spanish

Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, better known as Amouranthis one of those celebrities of the internet world who has capitalized much of his fortune using social networks like Twitch and OnlyFans. Her undeniable attractiveness and rudeness made her famous, for example, by doing sensual lives on her channel bathing in a bikini in a jacuzzi.

The truth is that this streamer counted on the site Refinery29as despite the rejection that produced it, he managed to capitalize on his physical charms.

He opened his Twitch in 2016, but it was only in 2019, shortly after Twitter set the category “IRL“, now called “Just Chatting”, which allowed creators to connect with the public in a more face-to-face way, that their audience skyrocketed.

Amouranth says he averages around $100,000 a month from Twitch alone, with the number going up based on ads or sponsorships. “It wasn’t too hard to know it was working for me because my view count was over about 4,000 views. [en un video] on average 10,000 and 13,000, reaching 20,000 and occasionally 30,000».

ASMR Soft Kisses and Fuzzy Mic Scratching

Businesses will use attractive women to attract customers and remain memorable. So I definitely find that annoying, but that’s the way the world is and instead of feeling bitter about it. I just decided to capitalize on it«

One of the problems that Amoraunth recognizes lately is that the return to face-to-face work after the pandemic has taken away her exposure with her fans, she is not prepared to take a traditional job so soon.

«Despite [gano] a lot of money as we’re all using these platforms during the prime of our lives and most people are starting to really get involved in their careers and networks, none of us are doing that in a professional world sense,” he says. “So if we got banned everywhere or social media just blew up or became irrelevant, it’s very scary to think about having to find a traditional job because we put so many years of our prime time into the media space.”

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