Sunday, November 28

Ampyme and Panamanian entrepreneurs celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week

This Monday, November 8, the opening ceremony of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, an activity that is carried out simultaneously in more than 180 countries and that in Panama is in charge of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Authority (Ampyme).

Oscar Ramos Jirón, administrator of Ampyme, began the Global Entrepreneurship Week at the Entrepreneurship House, the Ampym Convention Centere, located at the headquarters of the institution on Via Israel, in front of the school Richard Neumann.

Ramos explained that this event will be held in a blended way until November 12 and will have the participation of national and international exhibitors, to which is added a series of dance, music and other ethnic presentations, as well as folkloric exhibitions. in charge of Culture Ministry.

He added that the SEmana Global Entrepreneurship promotes conferences, talks, workshops and other activities to inspire thousands of people to undertake or consolidate their ongoing ventures.

During this period, entrepreneurs will receive training by conducting business plan workshops in micro and small companies to develop their knowledge-based skills to successfully manage a small business, the winners will have the opportunity to be creditors to Seed capital.

It is expected to have the presence of 50 people a day in person for each of the two batches (morning and evening), which would make an average of 100 people a day.

All face-to-face activities will be carried out in strict compliance with the capacity and biosafety measures dictated by the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

The lectures include various topics such as: What to do when importing? The new Law of Entrepreneurship Companies. The taxation of SMEs, cybersecurity and cosmetics. The demand for organic products and purchases in the State.

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