Saturday, September 25

An Afghan interpreter who rescued Biden 13 years ago: “Save me and my family”

An Afghan interpreter who helped rescue then-US Senator and now US President Joe Biden 13 years ago has asked for his help to leave Afghanistan after the US withdrawal, in exclusive statements published Tuesday by The Wall Street Journal. . “Hello, Mr. President: save me and my family,” asked the translator, who identified himself as Mohammed. This man and his four children remain in hiding in Afghanistan, where the Taliban regained power in mid-August after trying to leave the country unsuccessfully for a year. His application for a special visa for Afghan immigrants, intended for interpreters and those who have worked with the US government, was stalled because the American contractor he was working for lost the documents that supported his request. He tried, like thousands of compatriots, to enter the Kabul airport in recent weeks to get on one of the US military flights out of Afghanistan, but had no luck: the US forces allowed him to pass, but they did not his wife and children. Now, according to the newspaper, Mohammed is among one of countless US Afghan allies left behind after the withdrawal of US troops, which ended on Monday. “Don’t forget me here,” this man asked Biden, while claiming to be “very scared” and unable to leave the house. Rescue after a crash landing In 2008, Mohammed, then 36, helped rescue Biden and two other senators traveling in two US Armed Forces Black Hawk helicopters that had to carry out a forced landing in a valley. 30 kilometers from the base of Bagram, due to a snowstorm. Faced with a request for help from the crew, Mohammed traveled for hours in a Humvee military vehicle with members of the Rapid Reaction Force of the 82nd Airborne Division to rescue them, he tells the newspaper Brian Genthe, at that time a sergeant who participated in the mission. After the rescue of the senators and their transfer to Bagram, Mohammed stayed, along with the American soldiers, in the valley for about 30 hours amid the freezing temperatures to ward off the curious, megaphone in hand, from the Black Hawks.

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