Thursday, September 16

An Afghan refugee as a trophy

Mission accomplished, although we don’t really know which one. The humanitarian work carried out by the Government of Spain in Afghanistan these weeks after the fall of Kabul to the Taliban has been praiseworthy. A success, they say. That is the attitude to human dramas that a sensitive progressive government would have to have. Always. In any circumstance. Before any regime or tyranny. This is where cynicism appears and the fulfillment of the mission fails. Because when ensuring that the mission has been accomplished, it is worth asking what it was, and it is not malicious to think that it has little to do with altruism and solidarity and a lot to do with propaganda.

Pedro Sánchez was saved by Afghanistan in August. The emotional images in Torrejón of refugees hugging with the military, the Defense Minister asking the collaborators that if they could not enter the airport to shout “Spain” and that this would serve to rescue them and the press conference with Ursula Von der Leyen and the A statement from the White House thanking Spain for its work in transferring collaborators has been an image, diplomatic and political triumph, which Iván Redondo would not have dreamed of in his time as chief of staff after a marathon of The West Wing of the White House. To understand it in perspective, the disaster of hyperventilated speech that the opposition has retaken helps. Not even being in the pay of Moncloa could they have helped more to the propaganda triumph of Pedro Sánchez.

A despondent and inane opposition. When the sharpest criticism he has managed to articulate is that the president has followed a videoconference since his vacation retirement wearing espadrilles, he has a very high bar of intellectual alienation. It is difficult to overcome oneself, but Pablo Casado always accepts these challenges and goes a little further to achieve excellence. First, by making a fool of himself by shouting because Joe Biden did not name Spain in a string of countries to which he gave thanks to give Pedro Sánchez a victory hours later with his call and with the White House statement praising the work of the Spanish Government in evacuation. Then, and above all, with his cerebral beardless analysis of the situation in Afghanistan to write a tweet in which he did not distinguish the Taliban from ISIS-K by attributing the attack to the wrong group. Spain cannot have a president like Casado, it would be an excessive level of self-destruction even for our country, which is very used to these tasks.

Afghanistan gives votes and Morocco takes them away. An Afghan girl, with her honey eyes, the epic behind the Taliban suffering and the remoteness with which we have always seen the conflict help to feel compassion. A Moroccan child is something else, we share the streets with them on a regular basis, they are in classrooms with our minors and they are part of the daily landscape that is sometimes very cloudy. This difference marks the blurred line between the exoticism and the racism that they know in politics and that serves to mark the priorities of the agenda. That is why nothing has happened while the armed forces were in Kabul evacuating Afghan citizens. With the shrunken emotion of a country watching, the Prime Minister met with the President of Ceuta to reach an agreement on the return of minors from Morocco to the Alawite dictator.

It is not mandatory to focus criticism only on those leaders who know that taking in Afghan girls guarantees them a good perception of public opinion and doing so with Moroccan minors the opposite. Because that is our responsibility, we are scandalized by the situation that women and girls will have in Afghanistan and we demand immediate actions to rescue them while we look the other way when Saudi girls or Moroccan minors find themselves in dramatic situations. If they act like this it is because we do not penalize them. Let us assume our civic obligation because we are also guilty that an Afghan girl is only a trophy that rewards our first-world need for solidarity.

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