Friday, January 28

An agent takes senior officials of the Granada Local Police to the Prosecutor’s Office for “rigging” oppositions: “The boss’s child has to enter”

An active agent of the Local Police of Granada has denounced several high-ranking officials of the body to the Prosecutor’s Office as alleged perpetrators of various crimes of prevarication, bribery, disclosure of secrets, influence peddling and taking advantage of privileged information for having participated in the possible ” fixing ”of the municipal police competitions that are being carried out this year. According to the indictment, the objective they pursue with this manipulation is to favor the children of some commanders who are aspiring to the body. The complaint, filed at the end of August, but to which this media has had access now, also points out that the former councilor for Citizen Security, César Díaz (PP), was aware of everything that happened and did nothing about it.

A union questions the opposition to the Local Police of Granada and denounces an alleged “fix”

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The events date back to the beginning of 2020 and have as a key point the theoretical-practical exam that the aspiring police took last March. Already on that date, Andalucía echoed the letter in which the Independent Union of Andalusian Police (SIPAN) warned of the same alleged “fix” that the agent who has reported to the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Granada speaks of. The facts reported in both cases are practically identical, with the novelty that the current complainant provides new evidence and points directly to several senior officials of the Granada Local Police.

The police officer who has filed the complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office points out in his letter to the general secretary of the Independent Union of Local Police of Granada (SIPLG), Miguel Fernández, the head of the police force, José Manuel Jiménez and Santiago Jiménez, a member of the court who participates in the oppositions as the main and presumed authors of the whole plot. According to his account, at the beginning of 2020 he learned that the “fix” was being orchestrated to favor some of the applicants who, in addition, are children of active local policemen. Upon finding out, he carried out his own investigation to collect documents that he has delivered to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Compromised recordings

Among those files are recordings in which some of those mentioned appear talking about doing favors and rinses so that certain opponents approve the process and enter the body. According to the complaint, Santiago Jiménez, the member of the court on whom the suspicions weigh, would have affirmed that “in Granada some children of policemen (between 8 and 10) should be approved and that the selection system would be carried out by facilitating the chosen the practical assumptions and the questions, either through the psychological test, the interlocutor explaining that the psychologists, whose selection would be made through a minor contract also rigged, would do the opportune screening so that, indeed, they could approve certain children of policemen , excluding those others who, despite having passed the corresponding tests, did not have the favor of those denounced today ”.

As can be seen, the local police officer who denounces the events provides evidence that supports his story. Among the information he has had access to, was a conversation he had with the member of the court asking him about the children of the police chief and the SIPLG spokesman. Regarding the second, the complainant says the following: “That child has to enter these and period, whatever they say. Whatever the boss’s boy says, he has also been preparing for two years. I do not know how he will be prepared, he has been there in yours, there in your academy and with Eddine he says that he is fine, I do not know, but hey, I trust, I trust, well, that’s it [sic]”.

At that point, the Nous Center is also pointed out, a training center whose relationship with the Local Police of Granada and the majority union SIPLG is such that the academy itself comes to show it off in its advertising. The complainant assures that the current secretary of this center is in turn the spokesperson of the SIPLG and one of the denounced, that a relative of the former councilor for Citizen Security, César Díaz, teaches there and that, in one of the Facebook posts , the academy shows its chest for having achieved 100% success among its students presented to the competitive examinations of the Local Police of Granada.

Pressure on the complainant

It is not the only thing that draws attention in the complaint letter to which this medium has had access. In the same recordings, it is appreciated, according to the local police officer who has uncovered the case, that the head of the body tries to know the name of the psychologist who will be in charge of the screening so that it is someone they trust. However, this entire process came to a halt when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, until it resumed in November 2020. On that date, says the agent, the SIPLG spokesman, Miguel Fernández, asked him to stay “on the sidelines” and that, if he did not do so, he would take the consequences because his son’s place was at stake.

The complainant says that, as he did not remain on the sidelines, a complaint was filed against him in April of this year for an alleged crime of misappropriation while he was part of the SIPLG union. However, his termination came after the accounts were checked and at that time no problem was apparent. Despite this, says the policeman, they tried to intimidate him and the Granada City Council also opened a disciplinary file on him at the proposal of the police chief and executed by former councilman César Díaz.

Although the oppositions are not over yet, since the medical and physical tests are still lacking, the process is at the center of the controversy because there are serious doubts about its legitimacy. In fact, the PSOE, when it was in opposition, even asked for information as a result of the writings of the SIPAN union and some internal complaints in the body, without being provided. On the contrary, according to the complainant, both the son of the head of the body and that of the SIPLG spokesman have approved the oppositions so far and are continuing in the process. For all these reasons, the policeman asks that the alleged crimes that could be committed in this case be investigated.

Waiting for the Prosecutor’s Office

This medium has contacted the aforementioned to verify the information. Official sources of the Local Police of Granada affirm that they will wait for the Prosecutor’s Office to pronounce itself to see if the complaint is processed and if necessary take action on the matter. A route that the City Council also supports. The Councilor for Citizen Security, Raquel Ruz, says that they are “serious people” and that they will respect the judicial process. Where appropriate, if the Public Prosecutor opens a piece on the subject, “an investigation will be carried out within the body.” In any case, what does not seem to happen is that the oppositions stop because that is something “that a court must decide.” “An injustice would be being committed to the opponents,” says Ruz.

On the other hand, one of the main ones indicated, the spokesman of the SIPLG, Miguel Fernández, defends his innocence to questions from this medium by attacking the complainant. He says that the police officer who has uncovered the case is denounced for alleged misappropriation and that is why he has counterattacked with this matter. He denies that “any favorable treatment” has been made to the children of the agents mentioned. “Nor have they approved” 100% of the opponents “have only approved 12 of the 53 students that (the academy) has”. He says he is in “total disagreement with the reported data.” He only knows about them “from what is published in the press.” “Once we have the same, I will personally exercise the appropriate legal actions in the face of such serious accusations that are being poured, some of them directed at me.”

Finally, Miguel Cañizares, director of the Nous Center, which appears indicated as the academy in which the exams would be filtered to favor some students, denies any relationship with the case. “I am a freelancer who makes a living every day and has been splattered with shit.” The manager believes that this is an issue that has more to do with the dispute between the complainant and the accused than “what may have happened.” Of that, he says he does not know anything about it. At the same time he confesses that his publication that 100% of his students approved in the examinations for the Local Police of Granada was a technique of “publicity”. “Of course there are children of policemen in our center, but there are them everywhere,” he emphasizes. For his part, Councilor César Díaz is silent.