Wednesday, December 7

An AI determines in 60 seconds if you have heart disease | Digital Trends Spanish

An impressive AI tool can substantially improve preventive techniques in heart healthsince with a 60-second retina scan exam, they can identify heart problems.

The new research published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology, paves the way for the development of rapid and cheap cardiovascular tests, if the findings are validated in future clinical trials. These screening tests would allow people to know their risk of stroke and heart attack without the need for blood tests or even blood pressure measurements.

“This AI tool could let someone know in 60 seconds or less their risk level,” said study lead author Alicja Rudnicka. a the Guardian.

The software works by analyzing the network of blood vessels contained within the retina of the eye. It measures the total area covered by these arteries and veins, as well as their width and “flexibility.”

The researchers compared the results of their software, called QUARTZ (a inventive acronym derived from the phrase “Quantitative Analysis of Retinal vessels Topology and siZe”) with the 10-year risk predictions produced by the standard Framingham Risk Score (FRS) test. They found that the two methods had “comparable performance.”

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