Sunday, October 2

An Albacete priest rejects homosexual marriage and suggests that the LGTBI community encourages pedophilia

The priest of the Albacete municipality of San Pedro, Óscar Díaz, has charged against the LGTBI collective and gender ideology, suggesting that they promote pedophilia. During the homily on August 14, the parish priest rejected homosexual marriage and urged his parishioners not to accept “his lifestyle” and remain “radical to the Gospel.” “From Christian ethics there are things that cannot be accepted and that we little by little assume as something normal, for example, the situation of same-sex couples, today it has become something common, but that does not mean that be normal or wanted by God”, he points out.

Controversy over a mass in Ciudad Real with the presence of PSOE and Cs where a statement against the LGTBI Law was read

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He also asks attendees not to be forced to assume that this is “the right thing to do.” “They can do what they want, they are free, but that freedom they have does not have to be accepted as something normal, we can respect, the person is valued, the person is not judged or accused, but their way of living we don’t have to accept it,” he continues.

On the same side, it criticizes gender ideology, which it calls “dangerous”, assuring that it “blurs the lines between the boy and the man”, thus promoting pedophilia. “One of the radical things about this inclusive language is that it goes so far as to say that there is no such thing as a child or an adult, but that we are all what we are, therefore, those who are classified as pedophiles today would no longer be committing a crime, but rather it would be one more sexual identification, therefore, the man has the right and the child is in his duty to assume a relationship with the adult”, he has explicitly said, statements that have generated a strong rejection among the neighbors and the associations.

City Hall and neighbors disassociate themselves

After these controversial statements, the City Council, neighbors and groups have firmly rejected the speech, calling it a “serious attack on coexistence”. The mayor of the municipality, Daniel Sancha, has assured not to share the words pronounced by the priest in the homily of last August 14 and has disassociated the town from what happened.

“We are a modern, activist people, in which the rights of all people are defended, what happened has surprised us, it is totally unpleasant and that is how I have transferred it to them,” he said in statements to Europa Press. “In San Pedro we celebrate Pride week, we have the rainbow flag placed on the balcony of City Hall practically all year round, we officiate same-sex weddings, we do not understand what has happened,” he added.

Similarly, from the Quorum Plus Castilla-La Mancha collective, in collaboration with other associations, entities and political parties, they have issued a statement against what they consider “an attack on the dignity of LGTBIQ+ people”.

“Know our reality”

“We want to publicly express and denounce our resounding rejection of the words of this parish priest and invite him to come closer and learn about our reality, which, of course, is far from the stereotypes and prejudices that he distilled in last Sunday’s liturgy. We understand his words as a serious attack on coexistence between people of different sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions; as well as a malicious way of associating specific sexualities with pedophilia”, collects the letter. They also urge institutions and entities to rule on “such a serious case.”

From the group, one of its members, Araceli Castillo, criticizes that it insinuates, without any type of proof and based on their beliefs, that the LGTBI community encourages pederasty “and does not respect children’s age.” “It is the Church that has reported and convicted cases of assaults on minors.”

Álvaro Cuenca, a member of the association, has also regretted the speech, which, in addition, he points out, can aggravate rural ‘sexile’. “They are directly telling you that you are not valid and that people, your neighbors, do not have to accept you. That in such a small town has a lot of repercussions, what it is doing is radicalizing certain ideas of non-acceptance and discrimination”, he concluded.