Thursday, May 19

An algorithm helps Amazon fire its delivery people | Digital Trends Spanish

A report published by Bloomberg again accounts for the poor working conditions in which Amazon workers have to work, especially those who are part of its Flex delivery program.

To ensure deliveries are always on time, the company uses millions of outsourced drivers for its delivery program started in 2015.

Amazon Flex is a platform that allows people to use their own vehicles to carry packages and other purchases that consumers make.

According to the article, workers who work at Amazon Flex are constantly under performance review. Their ratings are awarded through an algorithm that monitors them frequently.

However, the note also says that delivery men can be fired for no apparent reason. One worker said that her grade in the program dropped after she was forced to stop due to a puncture in one of the wheels of her vehicle.

He then managed to raise his rating a week later, but his account ended up being terminated for violating Amazon’s terms of service. She contested the dismissal, but the firm did not want to admit it again.

Another claim of those who have been fired is that this action is never carried out personally, through a meeting with an Amazon boss. In fact, they claim that they were notified via automatic email.

These emails are signed with just a name and a surname initial, so the delivery people do not know if they are in front of a person or a machine.

In this way, the main criticism of those affected is that the dismissals by the company seem to be made by machines conditioned by the algorithm used by the company and not by another employee in charge of a department, which is what could be expected. .

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