Tuesday, February 20

An animal organization denounces the case of the chicken that caused an incident at the Girona military base

The Foundation for Advice and Action in Defense of Animals (FAADA) has denounced the University of Girona (UdG) for “seriously mistreating” the hen located on a training ground at the military base in the town of Sant Climent Sescebes .

According to the NGO in a statement, the authorization for this research, which was related to the Bonelli’s eagle, establishes that, even if the animal is used as “live bait”, it must be in “good health and sanitary condition” and cannot “be mutilated or suffer any physical injury.” “The witnesses and the evidence provided indicate that she was tied for several days by her head and legs, without food or water,” explains Faada, who demands the opening of a file.

Faada states in the statement that, according to information compiled by the NGO, the hen was “slumped and immobilized” next to two cameras, one of them with a label with the contact of the UdG to indicate that it was part of a study of the fauna.

The military located the animal inside their base on October 5 and alerted the Mossos d’Esquadra, who traveled to the scene. Then a biologist arrived who explained that the presence of the chicken, a camera and a motion sensor were part of an authorized scientific investigation. The Mossos seized the hen and the equipment and went, together with the biologist, to the La Jonquera police station where they took a statement from the investigator. The Mossos instructed informative proceedings for the court.

According to Faada, even with authorization, the regulations require guaranteeing that the bait, which in this case would be the hen, is “in good health and health, guaranteeing its origin and traceability and without being able to be mutilated or suffer any injury. physical”.

For this reason, they consider that there has been a “clear violation” of the Generalitat’s regulations on animal protection and, specifically, of the Law on the protection of animals and animal experimentation. “In short, the suffering inflicted on this hen constitutes various serious, or even very serious, administrative infractions, if it is determined that the treatment received by the hen in question produced very serious consequences for its health,” the entity remarks.

For this reason, they demand that a sanction file be opened against the university and the biologist responsible for the study and that the authorization that allows the development of scientific research be revoked. Faada stresses that they have required the person in charge of the study to demonstrate whether the chicken received veterinary assistance after the discovery (the Mossos returned it to the biologist after taking a statement) and to specify how many more animals “have suffered the same fate.”

Finally, Faada praises the “impeccable” performance of the military for having denounced the situation and criticizes the “total lack of sensitivity” of the media when reporting the news: “They completely ignored the evident mistreatment suffered by the animal”.