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An art company called Meta sues Zuckerberg’s Meta | Digital Trends Spanish

In October, Facebook created a new parent company called Meta as a way for the giant to focus and further ambitions beyond its core social media product.

But it turns out that not everyone is happy about it.

A New York-based installation art company whose work includes creating virtual reality and augmented reality experiences is suing Meta for trademark infringement. Because her name is also Meta.

“On October 28, 2021, Facebook seized our Meta brand and name, which we put our blood, sweat and tears into building for more than 12 years,” said the smallest company in a publication explaining his decision to sue the company formerly known as Facebook (for clarity, we’ll stick with Facebook going forward).

Meta explained that part of the problem is that it has “powered the kinds of experiences and products that Facebook is building now, and has served the same creators and consumers that Facebook is now targeting.”

He said that after Facebook announced his company’s new name last fall, he reached out to the social media giant to try to resolve the issue.

But he added that after eight months of trying to negotiate with Facebook, he has no choice but to file a lawsuit against the company.

In the demand Filed this week in federal district court in Manhattan, Meta alleges that Facebook infringed its federal trademarks and its federal trademark rights, and is engaged in what it describes as “egregious acts of unfair competition.”

In comments on his website, he added: “Facebook talks a great game about supporting creators, but the proof is in their actions. If they are willing to brazenly seize our intellectual property and use it in the very spaces we have operated in for over a decade, we cannot imagine what will come when they further saturate our industry and dominate the ‘metaverse’.”

In response to a letter sent by Meta to Facebook in December 2021, the California company run by Mark Zuckerberg claimed that the two companies offer “drastically different goods and services” and thus can “co-exist peacefully,” Meta said. in your presentation.

Meta seeks a permanent injunction preventing Facebook from using the “Meta” name, and seeks to recover from Facebook “the profits, profits, and benefits that [Facebook] has obtained as a result of his continued willful and unlawful acts.

Meta is well aware that it faces big challenges in its David and Goliath showdown with Facebook, saying it’s looking forward to a “hard journey.”

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