Sunday, December 10

An association of retired soldiers spreads a misogynistic and homophobic article against high-ranking public officials

The Spanish Military Association (AME) has posted an opinion article on its website since August 18 in which serious misogynistic and homophobic insults are uttered to ministers and high-ranking officials of the State. Since that date, the group, made up of retired Francoist soldiers, is spreading a text in which he calls “whore” the Attorney General, Álvaro García Ortiz, the former head of RTVE, Rosa María Mateo, the director of the CIS, José Félix Tezanos, the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, and the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero.

The signature of the piece is falsely attributed to an art historian and philosopher who, in statements to this medium, has been “surprised” by the existence of the text and has categorically denied being its author. The article is located in a tab called ‘Read in the media’ and was supposedly published in the press on August 15. This medium has tried to contact the Francoist association to find out the origin of the opinion piece, without success.

Who gave notice of the existence of the text was Podemos in the Region of Murcia. Her spokesperson, María Marín, requested the resignation of the only Vox councilor in the town of Mazarrón, Carlos Corvalán Roldán, for sharing the article on his Facebook profile, which has already been deleted.

Several regional media echoed the complaint from the purple formation. Marín rejected that from the responsibility of a citizen representation position such as the one held by the mayor “someone can call all the women who do not think what the extreme right wants whores.”

The mayor of Mazarrón, Gaspar Miras -PSOE-, issued a brief statement in which he pointed out that Corvalán’s statements “the only thing they seek is to disunite and tense, when the job of a public servant must be to create harmony and unity around to representative power. At the beginning of the month, the far-right mayor also shared a post praising the figure of Francisco Franco: ”God, what a good vassal, if he had a Good Lord“.

In 2018, the same association released a manifesto signed by 181 members entitled “Declaration of respect and reparation for General Francisco Franco Bahamonde, soldier of Spain,” in which they denounced the “infamous campaign” being carried out by “the political left” to discredit the dictator through the “perverse pretense” of exhuming his remains from the Valley of the Fallen. A year later, Franco was transferred to the Mingorrubio cemetery. The manifesto in favor of the dictator served as a spring to expel that same year the association from the public space they occupied in the Air Force facilities.