Monday, March 4

An earthquake of magnitude 3.5 in Vidángoz is felt in several towns in Navarra

An earthquake of magnitude 3.5, with an epicenter in Vidángoz, in the Roncal Valley, has been felt this Sunday in several towns in Navarra.

According to data from the National Geographic Institute, the earthquake occurred at 7:47 a.m. at a depth of one kilometer.

The tremor has been felt in Burgui, Esparza de Salazar, Roncal, Navascués, Ustés, Aoiz, Ezcároz, Garde and Gorraiz.

In the last year and a half, nearly a thousand tremors have been registered in the regional community. Many of them have had their epicenter in areas that do not coincide with any mapped fault, which according to several experts shows the existence of a fault unknown to date.