Friday, December 3

An expired certificate causes crashes in Windows 11 | Digital Trends Spanish

Windows 11 has some issues with certain features that Microsoft says are due to expired certificates that prevent native operating system applications from running properly.

Between these apps There is the one that allows you to take screenshots and screenshots, the emoji panel, touch keyboards and the home menu. The problems started on November 1, 2021 and the cause is in “a problem with a Microsoft digital certificate that expired on October 31”.

There are several solutions that are offered to users with problems on their computers. One of them is to install a small patch that solves the problem with the touch keyboard, the emoji panel and other features. This patch can be downloaded from the official Microsoft support site.

But as for the screenshot and clipping tool, for now there is no solution and it is only recommended to use the Print Screen button on the keyboard and then paste the capture into another document.

Although the final function may be the same, the truth is that the native Windows system is much more comfortable and useful, since it allows not only capturing the full screen but also specific areas or windows. Either way, Microsoft ensures that it is already working on a definitive solution, although there is still no estimated date for it.

These issues affect only Windows 11, which was officially released in October as a free update for Windows 10 users. The requirements of this new operating system are very specific in relation to hardware security, but it is possible to install it without problems on a computer that does not meet the minimum.

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