Friday, September 24

An explosion recorded in the vicinity of the Kabul airport

An explosion has been recorded near the Kabul airport, the Afghan Ministry of Health has confirmed to the BBC’s country correspondent. Secunder Kermani has indicated in a Twitter message that the causes are still unknown, just as it is not known whether there have been victims. Apparently, he describes, according to those sources, a rocket collided with a house near the airport.

The explosion comes three days after the Islamic State bombing at the Kabul airport, which killed more than 170 people, including 13 US soldiers. After that attack, the US responded with another, in which it killed two senior ISIS officials in Afghanistan, as confirmed by the Deputy Director of Logistics of the General Staff, General Hank Taylor, at a press conference.

For his part, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, said in a statement that he believes it is “highly probable” that another attack will take place in Afghanistan “in the next 24 or 36 hours” and announced that he has asked the Pentagon to take “all possible measures” to protect the soldiers after Thursday’s attack.

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