Sunday, December 4

An incompatibility in the positions motivates the resignation of the director of the Andalusian Institute for Women

Mariela Checa has ceased to be director of the Andalusian Women’s Institute (IAM), a position for which she was appointed at the beginning of last September and which was compatible with the one she had held since January 2022 as dean of the Official College of Psychology of Eastern Andalusia (COPAO). This is precisely the reason why last Tuesday he presented his letter of resignation from the position as a senior position in the Andalusian administration, which has informed him of the impossibility of maintaining both functions.

Checa, in compliance with the regulations in force, requested in writing the consultation on the compatibility for the performance of both positions on October 5, 2022, addressing in this regard both the counsel of the Ministry and the General Inspectorate of Services. The current dean, according to COPAO, during the compatibility request process has received three anonymous complaints at the Anti-Fraud Office of the Junta de Andalucía, in addition to different accusations on social networks and spaces related to the professional association.

The already former director of the IAM had stated as a condition to make the position on the Board compatible with her activity and responsibility with the professional association, “being faithful to the trust placed by the members of the association last December in the COPAO electoral process,” she argues. the professional college.

Last Tuesday, November 15, the same person who was presenting his resignation as a high-ranking officer of the Board, had received a response on his request in which he communicated the non-possibility of obtaining said compatibility in accordance with the Law 3/2005of April 8, of incompatibilities of Senior Officials of the Administration of the Junta de Andalucía and of the Declaration of Activities, Assets, Interests and Remuneration of Senior Officials and other Public Offices, regardless of whether the Governing Council could rule on the request, if deemed appropriate, and raise this matter to the same by the Ministry that appointed it.

“Given this situation of incompatibility due to which she found herself in the position of deciding between the two positions, Checa has been clear about her priority commitment to the members of the association and, added to the intention of not causing harm to the institution, she resigned as director of the Andalusian Women’s Institute”, indicates COPAO, which emphasizes that Checa “has at all times exercised her functions as dean of COPAO, in full exercise of the transparency that has characterized the current board since its proclamation, and will continue to defend the interests of the collegiate persons and the profession of Psychology”.

The Minister of Social Inclusion, Youth, Families and Equality, Loles López, will appoint a new director of the IAM in the near future, according to sources from this department. The counselor herself has transferred that Checa “is a wonderful professional and has done a magnificent job.” “We are going to miss her,” she points out, but she “also has another vocation elsewhere and she had to choose.” “In a few weeks we will have the person to replace her, but she has set the bar very high.”

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