Wednesday, October 20

An incredible scene from Mission Impossible 7 is filtered | Digital Trends Spanish

The Mission Impossible saga is one of the most successful and attractive in the action genre and has made Tom Cruise one of the main references on this subject.

Each installment is more ambitious, raising the expectations of fans.

Now, the production is preparing the seventh installment of the film, which has had to be postponed several times due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, these days the team in charge has resumed the recordings and has left us an incredible action scene.

Very in the style of the others Mission Impossible, part of the plot includes a train hurtling off at top speed and crashing off a cliff.

The filming of this scene has been leaked on social networks and so we can see how incredible it has turned out. Of course, we can only imagine how it will look in movie theaters, although we can anticipate that the result is going to be more impressive.

According to the BBC, this scene was filmed in the town of Stoney Middleton, near Derbyshire, in the United Kingdom. In that place, the set for the recording has been built, which includes a small railway track through which the machine travels before falling into the void.

The locomotive was brought to town by truck days before the action scene was filmed. Tom Cruise also participated who, in addition to being the main actor, is the producer of the film.

If everything goes according to plan, Mission Impossible 7, directed by Christopher McQuarrie, should be released in May 2022.

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