Friday, January 21

An independence group paints insults at the home of the rector of the Autonomous University of Barcelona

The group Acció per la Independència (AxI) has claimed this Wednesday the graffiti on the facade of the house of the rector of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Javier Lafuente, with which they accuse him of “fascist”, “traitor” and “collaborator” with “Spanishism”. The group described “infamous” the act at the university of the anti-independence student group ‘S’ha Acabat’ a few days ago, which they describe as a “Spanishist group”.

The independence group criticizes that the rector “authorized” the entry of the Mossos d’Esquadra, which ended up charging against the independence students who tried to break into the act, which was attended by members of PP, Ciudadanos and Vox. For this reason, AxI points to Lafuente as a “necessary collaborator” for allowing the event and the police action, for which they ask for his immediate resignation.

“Serve this small and symbolic action, they are still just a few paintings in his house, to show both him and the organizers that it is truly ‘over’, that the permissiveness of the outrages and provocations of the most stale Spanishism, as well like collaborationism, it will not be without consequences, “the statement added. “The painting is just an example and a warning of our ability; come to the conclusions that must be drawn,” they conclude.

For his part, S’ha Acabat has shown solidarity with the rector and his family and has condemned emphatically and without palliative “acts of vandalism and intimidating graffiti”. For this reason, they ask all groups in Parliament, the Minister of Universities and the Catalan Minister of Universities for an explicit condemnation of the events and reaffirm their commitment to “freedom, institutional responsibility and social peace in Catalonia”. Finally, they remind the rector that “allowing violent attitudes of the independence movement at the UAB or anywhere else ends up having serious consequences over time, since anti-system separatism is a political movement of a violent and vengeful nature.”