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An Italian PD lawyer, member of an equality commission, applauds the Taliban

Correspondent in Rome



In a disturbing and surprising interview, which has caused a great scandal, Nura Musse Ali, lawyer born in Somalia, for more than twenty years in Italy and currently a member of the Equal Opportunities Commission of the Tuscany Region for the Democratic party, has been in favor of the coming to power of the taliban in Afghanistan.

Lawyer Musse Ali, 35, told the Pisa daily ‘Il Tirreno’, where she lives: “I am in favor of fundamentalists taking power in Afghanistan. I believe that what we are experiencing is an obligatory stage in history, for that country to finally start its own slow path

towards an evolutionary interpretation of its laws and the maturation of the concept of political and social life, in which the West has failed to build anything relevant in the lives of ordinary people.

The lawyer stresses that she “does not share the modus operandi” of the Taliban. But Nura Muse Ali is convinced that the Taliban can be the vanguard of a more secular and less fundamentalist application of sharia. [la ley religiosa que regula todos los aspectos públicos y privados de la vida para alcanzar, si son seguidos esos preceptos, la salvación], and pioneers of the introduction of a mature civil coexistence. Such a conviction of lawyer Musse Ali raises chills, considering how the Taliban understand the sharia: forced marriages, segregation of women and the imposition of the burqa as well as forbidding them to drive, among other marginalizations more typical of the Middle Ages.

While the West lives with anguish the daily drama of Afghanistan, lawyer Nura Musse believes that not only is there no cause for concern about the arrival of the Taliban, but that in any case we must rejoice that Western colonization has ended: « In these twenty years, the Western powers have strengthened the corruption in the rulers and the anger of the people. Taking into account what happened in those two decades, the lawyer advises: “It is opportune that Europe and the United States admit that they were wrong. Everything that is done in the future for people and, in particular, for women must be done with those in power.

Salvini: «Very serious words»

The words of Nura Nussa Ali have created scandal and strong reactions in the political world, taking into account that the lawyer is a representative of the institutions as she is a member of the Tuscan commission destined to “promote conditions of full equality between men and women.”

The leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, considers that Musse Ali’s position is incompatible with democracy: “Nura Musse Ali’s words are very serious, especially because they are spoken by a woman. How can you support a regime led by criminals who kill, rape, torture and lock women up at home? We are sure that Letta [Enrico Letta, líder del Partido Democrático] it will distance itself, because the apology of radical Islam is incompatible with our democracy ”, concluded Matteo Salvini.

PD asks for resignation

The PD’s reaction came hours later with a note from the national secretariat of the Democratic Party, calling for the resignation of the lawyer: “The words of Nura Musse Ali do not represent the thinking of the Democratic Party, which has always fought for the role to be recognized. of women, in Italy and around the world. For this reason – the PD note concludes – by dissociating ourselves from his words and by reiterating our opposition to any regime that eliminates the dignity of the people, we ask him to resign »[fromhispositionasrepresentativeoftheDemocraticPartyinthe[desucargocomorepresentantedelPartidoDemocráticoenla Equal Opportunities Commission of the Tuscany Region.

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