Monday, July 26

An NBA legend and an actress are new voices on Alexa | Digital Trends Spanish

An unlikely couple, united thanks to Alexa. Melissa McCarthy and Shaquille O’Neal are the new voices added by Amazon to its Alexa platform and smart speakers.

Both are thus joined by Samuel L. Jackson, who at some point was the only celebrity available in the wizard. Well, his voice at least. Any of the three now appears as an option to share news, weather, and even jokes.

According to an article by Engadget, the new voices do not come with an advance discount, so the user who is interested in listening to the actress nominated for an Oscar or the NBA star, must pay 5 dollars for each one.

“However, the ability to hear Shaq rapping and McCarthy telling jokes may be the best option for some,” the article states.

If someone still can’t decide, Alexa has shared a series of videos with samples of the audio records of both personalities, where we can listen to them.

“I hope everyone enjoys all of my father’s jokes. Fun fact: if you hear the hiss on the slide, these are my personal jokes that I brought with me to the recording studio, ”says the actress.

Along with these new voice options, customers can also choose between the original Alexa voice and a male option; plus a new alert word: “ziggy.”

Alexa has been able to become a copycat thanks to advances in its neural text-to-speech technology. In this way, it is shown that their AI is increasingly advanced.

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