Saturday, March 2

An open microphone plays it to a councilor from Paracuellos del Jarama who calls the mayor “asshole”

An open microphone has caught the opposition councilor in the Paracuellos del Jarama City Council, Jorge Gil, calling the mayor of the town, Jorge Alberto Campos, of Ciudadanos, an “asshole”.

In the telematic plenary session held this Tuesday, Gil, a representative of the Citizen Initiative of Paracuellos (ICxP) party, called the mayor an “asshole” without silencing the microphone and the camera during the plenary recess.

The councillor, mobile in hand, takes advantage of the break to record his next speech. You can hear how he addresses the mayor: “In at least three years of the last legislature, amendments were made to the budgets for the variant. Besides, Mr. Mayor, we have obtained a study of 60,000 euros that you approved that you have not done” . In that recording, in which he seems to be practicing his next intervention, Gil adds at the end and between laughs: “It’s that I put it all over his face… Asshole. How clever, of course, as always he has the last word… But this one is going to find out, I’m going to hit him in the sky of the mouth, asshole “.

At one point, Gil realizes that they are listening to him because another of those present at the meeting tells him “take the opportunity to have dinner, this always takes longer.” “Yes, I already take it for granted,” he replies. The plenary sessions are recorded so that the conversation has been heard by all those who participated, in addition to those who were connected at that time.

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