Thursday, October 28

An Osasuna B footballer writes down all the humiliations she suffered during a match: “I’m going to rape you”

The soccer match played this weekend by Osasuna Femenino B and SD Nueva Montaña has once again shown the worst side of the sport. In the second part of the match, when the Navarra team beat the local team by 0-5, a group of men dedicated themselves to throwing insults and threats at the red players and the referee. “I’m going to rape you”, “we’re going to rape your whole team”, “pull up your shirt to show me your tits and ass”, “your thong shows up” or “your mother sucks me off”, were some of the humiliations that young women, some of them minor, had to endure while playing.

Faced with the outrage over these attacks, Osasuna’s ‘number 9’, Karolina Sarasua, decided to write down all the insults she had received during the match. A role that was shared through social networks by the first team player María Blanco, who denounced that it is “regrettable that things like this continue to happen without any consequence.” The message has gone viral on twitter and already exceeds 12,500 likes and It has been shared by the users of this social network more than 7,000 times.

Sarasua has appreciated the support she has received in the last hours. “Thank you all very much for your support, I hope this type of insults will end as soon as possible, because I do not wish anyone everything we have lived through,” he said. Support that has also come from other teammates, such as the captain of the first team, Mai Garde. “We no longer have and should not tolerate this type of denigrating actions towards women”, he denounced before recalling: “Yesterday it was you, tomorrow it will be someone else.”

Sexist incidents have also been included in the arbitration report. The referee Lucía Fernández pointed out at the end of the match that “during the development of the second half” she noticed “the presence, outside the enclosure, of five boys on the fence of the field, in the midfield area”, who were wearing “At least one of them, the tracksuit with the home team crest.” “They addressed both the players and me personally with offensive comments,” he writes.

Fernández also reflects in the minutes: “Once the match is over, the delegate of the visiting team, together with the player number 9, Mrs. Karolina Sousa García, present their complaint to me about said lack of respect and they communicate the exact terms with the who addressed us: “I’m going to rape you”, “we’re going to rape your whole team”, “pull up your shirt to show me your tits and ass”, “your thong shows up”, “let’s go to the locker room and I rape ”,“ your mother sucks me ”,“ you have the face to suck it well ””.

The Osasuna Sports Club, for its part, has shown its “rejection of the comments received” by the player and has thanked “the support of SD Nueva Montaña for its exemplary attitude to what happened.”

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