Thursday, September 21

An ultra-Catholic organization pays for advertisements in 33 cities against the prohibition of harassment in front of abortion clinics

The ultra-Catholic Catholic Association of Propagandists (ACdP) has launched an anti-abortion and anti-government campaign in 33 Spanish cities, placing billboards and various advertising media under the slogan “praying in front of abortion clinics is great.”

Congress supports making it a crime to harass women in front of abortion clinics

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The organization has reported that there are a total of 260 panels installed in streets and subway stops that “act as a loudspeaker”, they say, against the reform of the Abortion Law planned by the Executive and against the modification of the Penal Code to punish coercion suffered by women at the doors of the clinics that carry out voluntary interruptions of pregnancy recently approved in Congress.

The ultra-Catholic association maintains that this “massive action” is also the start of ‘Cancelled’, a new campaign that aims to give “voice to the positions silenced by political correctness, the culture of cancellation and the repression of freedoms.”

In the marquees, distributed in cities such as Madrid, Vitoria, Valencia, Alicante, Seville, Córdoba, Málaga, Zaragoza, Murcia, Oviedo, Vigo, Valladolid, Santander or Salamanca, the association maintains that “in Spain more than 99,000 abortions are performed every year”, and that “the crime of those who pray in front of the abortion centers is to want to save some of these lives”.

“A Legion of Free Spirits”

‘Canceled’, they point out, “is a legion of free spirits that has come to this rarefied world to give a voice to normal people who have been canceled for saying things of common sense”, reads the initiative’s manifesto. They also explain that ‘Canceled ‘ will take place on several fronts, in addition to street actions.The campaign includes interviews with “canceled” characters, or illustrated educational videos.

The association that supports the CEU and that organizes the congress every year ‘Catholics and Public Life’, considers that the Government of Spain seeks to “impose a change of mentality” with laws such as those of equal marriage, abortion or euthanasia.