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Ana de Armas and her nudes in Blonde: they will be viral and disgusting | Digital Trends Spanish

Cuban-born actress Anne of Armspointed to Variety who finds it disgusting that the nudes she starred in for the blonde moviewhere he personifies Marilyn Monroe, will be the most shared once the tape is released on September 28 on Netflix.

“I know what’s going to go viral, and it’s disgusting,” he commented.

“It’s annoying just thinking about it. I can not control it; you can’t really control what they do and how they take things out of context,” de Armas said of her nude scenes being removed from the film. «I don’t think he gave me any doubts; It just gave me a bad taste in my mouth to think about the future of those clips.”

However, the actress’s work possibly transcends nudity, as her characterization is brilliant according to critics:

De Armas’ performance in “Blonde” resulted in a 14-minute standing ovation at the film’s world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, the longest standing ovation at the 2022 event. While the film has polarized To critics, almost all pundits agree that de Armas’ work as the Hollywood icon is a must-see.”

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