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Ana is the virtual human of the Krafton company | Digital Trends Spanish

Ana is called the new virtual human created by the Krafton company, the studio behind the battle shooter game, PUBG.

Through artificial intelligence, Krafton turns Ana into a virtual influencer and presents her singing an AI-created song called Shine Bright.

ANNE | ‘SHINE BRIGHT’ (Official Music Video)

This is Ana’s description:

As a virtual influencer, Ana has many hobbies, including gaming, music, dancing, and fashion. Besides these interests, her biggest motivating factor is spreading joy and happiness through music and entertainment. However, Ana is more than she seems, as she wields unexpected powers.

With the release of her initial photos, curious viewers may have noticed a green crystal ring on her finger. The ring itself allows him to teleport to different places and interact with the world in various ways. In addition to never having to worry about traffic, Ana herself is also the owner of a “fizz” bubble gun, which gives her the ability to uplift the moods and feelings of everyone around her.

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