Wednesday, December 7

Ana Morales and Andrés Marín win the 2022 National Dance Awards

The dancer Ana Morales, in the Interpretation category, and the choreographer Andrés Marín, in the Creation category, have won the National Dance Awards for 2022. These awards, granted annually by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, are endowed with 30,000 euros each.

The jury has highlighted Morales for “his ability to create different universes in each of the interpretations he tackles, in a tireless personal, risky and brave search.” They have also praised “the organic nature of his movement, a trait that they highlight in works such as No permission tightrope Y Peculiar”.

For his part, Marín has been recognized for “his ability to walk the line between tradition and the avant-garde, with a very personal choreographic language, which dialogues without a priori with other disciplines that he incorporates naturally”. The jury has underlined “his great international projection, as well as the experimentation and risk that mark his creations such as Don Quixote, The Perfect Vigil, Ecstasy Ravel and the recent yarin”.