Monday, September 20

Ana Oramas (CC) once again links immigration with the image of the Islands for tourists: “The Canary Islands is a thousand times that of Ceuta”

The deputy of the Canary Coalition in Congress, Ana Oramas, has assured that the situation in the Canary Islands with the arrival of migrants to the archipelago is “a thousand times” than that of Ceuta and has warned that the archipelago, now that it is trying to recover the tourism, the image of the Canary Islands cannot be allowed to be that of “thousands of people fleeing hunger and, in many cases, war”.

In statements to esRadio collected by Europa Press, Oramas admits that Ceuta has “a problem” with immigration, and has shown solidarity with what is being experienced in the autonomous city, but has clarified that “what is in the Canary Islands is 1000 times what is in Ceuta.”

As he explains, the arrival of boats and boats with immigrants to the Canary Islands does not stop and that in the last weekend more than 400 people have arrived.

At this point, he warned of the risk to the image of the archipelago: “We cannot allow the images of the Canary Islands to not be that the pandemic or the weather is doing well, but rather that the images are thousands of people fleeing hunger and, in many cases, from the war, “he said.

Who would go on vacation to Lampedusa or Lesbos?

Thus, he recalled the coverage made by the main European newspapers last year with the massive arrival of immigrants to the port of Arguineguín, something that affects their main source of income, tourism. “We live from tourism: Would you go on vacation to Lampedusa or Lesbos?”, He questioned, a question that he had previously asked. An argument, that of tourism, which Vox has already used several times and in his visits to the Canary Islands.

Deputies and representatives of the far-right party have disfigured Oramas this Tuesday on Twitter, who a few months ago called Santiago Abascal a racist and now she is the one who “complains about the situation.”

The deputy of the Canarian Coalition has blamed the “socialist” government for the situation, which “has left the Canary Islands behind” and has urged it to put means and establish “diplomatic agreements” with the countries of origin.

A radar to stop the arrival of migrants

Also the senator of the PP for Gran Canaria, Sergio Ramos agrees that the situation is “unsustainable” and has pointed out that the Canary Islands “are being the epicenter of a migratory crisis from the African continent without precedent in the last decade.”

For this reason, he understands that the central government must provide “immediate solutions and not abandon the islands as they have done”, and specifically has demanded that the radar be installed in the north of Lanzarote before the massive arrivals begin in the coming months.

In addition, it has requested that the Civil Guard and National Police be provided with “better tools” to deal with the arrival of boats to the Canary coast, as well as that they strictly comply with the immigration law, with international agreements and regulations. protocols of the European Union.

In his opinion, the fact that President Pedro Sánchez “has not announced” during his stay in Lanzarote the installation of this radar on the island “shows his little commitment to the problem that the Canary Islands are suffering.”

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