Thursday, December 2

Ana Pontón asks the BNG militants to work towards reaching the “social majority”

Ana Pontón is going to leave the 17th National Assembly of the BNG re-elected national spokesperson for a third term, with her sights set on the 2024 regional elections. In her speech to inaugurate the internal meeting of the nationalist formation, she has defended the change of ” tactic “decided five years ago, when she came to the command post. Among the “audacious” measures of that time are to make “a clear speech without ideologisms” that Pontón says has allowed them to “connect” with the public.

Galician public television reports on the National Assembly of the BNG only with statements from the PP

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“We knew how to read the moment and interpret what was happening,” he congratulated himself before the militancy, meeting in A Coruña. Since the six deputies that the formation had at that time in the Galician Parliament, they have gone to their historical maximum, with 19, and to be the first force of the opposition. “We overcome skepticism and those who quoted us in the past,” he insisted. Now, he asks the militancy to turn to broaden the bases and reach the “social majority” to increase the votes in 2024. Pontón repeated on several occasions that the Presidency of the Xunta is within his reach. He defended that nationalism has a “majority vocation” and the aspiration to govern in Galicia since it was born. Now, he said, he is “in a position to do so.”

Before the regional elections, the formation will have to face general and municipal elections. In both, the objective of expanding representation is set – in Congress it currently has a single deputy. For these appointments Pontón continues to claim as a strength that the BNG “has a free hand”, in the face of the “centralist submission” of the PP and PSOE.

In addition to the renewed governing bodies – and hardly any changes – will come out of this Sunday’s assembly, a political document with the strategy for the coming years and some internal news. The BNG seeks to put more emphasis on environmentalism and feminism and is going to approve a protocol to prevent sexist violence within it.

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